Delhi Public School Mathura imparts the education based on ‘Indigenous Education Strategy’ to brush the skills and attributes needed by the students to succeed in their education. Well equipped, to take up higher education, career and employment opportunities to eminent positions in jobs is the essential benchmark. We believe in the outcome through a consistent system-wide approach to provide motivated educators and leaders. We provide rich, stimulating and caring environment in which the child feels happy, safe, secure and confident. To enable child to reach their full potential by fostering  

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The growing number of schools under this organizational umbrella signifies how the need to provide meaningful education to a large number of children desirous of growing into educated & liberal enlightened human beings, is being fulfilled. Founded and managed by distinguished members and luminaries of the society, culled from all walks of life, the organization has been guiding its member schools on the path of progress with their visionary approach & lofty ideals. Moreover, Delhi Public schools have become significant portals of learning. Our credo is to provide an all-round development with  

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The School follows a ‘CHILD CENTERED’ approach to education. Students have to face tremendous stress and strain due to early exposure to increasing competition at every level. Guidance and counseling in school helps in building confidence and an all round personality of a student.

A school counselor is a counseling psychologist who works under the direction of the Principal to provide specialized support to the students with social, emotional, behavioral and academics problems.

At DPS, there are counselors to cater to the emotional needs of the students. They are available during school hours on all working days.

Students may see the counselor with a prior appointment after getting the permission slip signed by the concerned teacher during school hours and Parents can see the counselors during PTM or on designated days with prior appointment.

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