Trips & Excursion

The School wishes "Happy Children's day" to all ... 💐

Trips and Excursions a time of bonding, excitement & exuberance.

To help students gain first-hand information regarding functioning of the Industry and engaging them in active learning experiences outside the classroom,Delhi Public School,Mathura Organised an industrial Visit For its students to the Coca Cola Factory .

They Visited Coca Cola Beverages Private Limited at Chhata ,Mathura..

During the visit, students ware explained about safety norms and BPM(Best Manufacturing Practices) .All the queries of students ware answered by the company guides. Students participated with enough zeal to make the visit pretty much interactive ,meanwhile,gaining decent knowledge about Production,Quality Control,& operations regarding the functioning of the company.


Delhi Public school, Mathura 'Primary wing' has organized an Eduction Trip to "Coca Cola Company"on 5th October 2019 for classes Pre to 1st ..The visit gave a bird's eye viwe of manufacturing of Coke and brands.

It was a memorable day and memories to cherish for each one of our students who went for the day out at 'Coca Cola Company'

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