Transport Services

Transport safety and security are given prime importance. School provides qualified doctor and nurses at our Medical Centre. For emergencies, we have well equipped ambulances on campus and have tied up with local hospitals for emergency case. Health records are meticulously maintained for all students of the school. The campus security staff is supported by technical systems like surveillance cameras that meet international safety norms.

The school runs a fleet of self-owned air-conditioned buses. With speed governors and GPRS system in place, each school bus follows standard safety guidelines. Trained staff- a driver, conductor and teacher escort in each bus is provided with mobile phones to stay in constant touch with school authorities and parents.

Transport facility is available for Mathura and adjoining areas. Parents are requested to ascertain availability of bus facility for the area of their residence before completing admission formalities. Bus facilities are a privilege and not a right. The school does not guarantee provision of bus facility to all students and all areas of residence.

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